or Pre-Cana, what ever you want to call it. K and I have our first Precana class tonight from 7-9pm. We have it the next two weekends Fri & Sat night from 7-9pm. I will admit I am slightly bitter today considering it is GORGEOUS AND WARM AND SUNNY out finally and I'm pretty sure God would rather me spend it drinking a margarita on my back patio, but whatever, such is life.

Precana, for those of you who were not blessed to be raised in the Catholic Church, can be described here. I am very very a little scared. Catholicism is a God fearing religion that isn't really open for discussion, what the Pope says goes no ifs, ands, or butts. I have also read horror interesting stories about Precana which can be found here, here, here, and here. I have been told they make you sign documents saying you won't use any form of birth control, EVER. I am all for having children but I am not trying to beat the Duggar's anytime soon. We will be discussing the rhythm method also. I actually know a girl who got pregnant using the rhythm method, oops. They also are strongly against living together before marriage, oops.

We are also not the talk-about-your-feelings-with-strangers type, that doesn't mean we don't talk to each other about them we just aren't big on displaying them to the world. I know you're probably thinking well you have a blog, isn't that discussing your feelings with strangers, but this is different I have to actually look these people in the eye and I don't really lay our relationship out on this blog, so it's different. We have also been together for 6 years so we have pretty much covered every topic and been through a lot together, not to stay that we are perfect. We've just been through more "life stuff" together I guess is a good way to put it.

All in all I don't think it will be that bad. I think I'm just nervous. I promise to give an update of how it went on Sunday and let you know if it's really that bad.

Those of you not in Precana tonight, please have a cocktail for me.


  1. I actually really loved my pre-cana experience. Zach and I really came together that weekend (it was a weekend long retreat in my diocese). While we have an insanely open relationship and talk about pretty much anything already, it gave us a lot of topics to focus on and made us spend 48 hours doing nothing but giving each other our time. There were no distractions, no TV, no dinner plans, nothing but the two of us and our relationship. We actually didn't even talk about religion all that much (except for how we want to raise our kids, what we will do about church attendance, etc.). The 2 hour sex talk was a little awkward and Zach definitely turned green and wanted to yak when they were talking about cervical mucous, but all in all, the worst part about it was the crappy food and the itty bitty beds.

    Oh, and we NEVER talked about anything with anyone else. When we had "discussion time" it was always just the two of us, so there was no embarrassing Alcoholics Anonymous-ness to it :)

  2. Drinking an adult beverage for you as we speak...


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