Per Your Requests: My Hair

Now let me say this. I'm pretty sure my neighbors think I'm crazy. First I tried taking my picture on my back deck but it's too windy so I moved to my front door area and stood in front of the screen door taking pics of myself. I am horrible at self portraits so bear with me on these, I'm not good at smiling and taking my own pic so I come off a little angry looking in these, haha! I also did my hair at 7:15am this morning so it's a little limp right now but I think the color turned out well. There are a few spots where my roots were very dark that came up a little more orangy than others but for $13.99 it was definitely worth it.

My serious pose

Back of my Head

Side of my Head (notice front door in background hehe:)

Now on another note here are some pics of the flower boxes K and I planted 2 weekends ago. I must say I'm impressed with us that they have lived for 2 weeks! They are a little dishelved looking b/c it's really windy out today!

Great Giveaway Alert!!

Also head over to Dave and Brit Plus One for their awesome giveaway!! It is an adorable green and white polka dot picnic basket that you can get monogrammed which is perfect for this warm weather! Brit is one adorable blond mommy to be too!



  1. Cute cut!! And yay for spring flowers. :)

  2. your hair looks great, love the glasses - you look SO much like your mom! (that's a compliment, i promise).

  3. I think the color looks great and very professional!

  4. i definitely agree - the hair looks great! i don't see the orange-y parts that you're talking about...

  5. I SERIOUSLY might go get some of that and give it a whirl! It really looks great - I am super impressed, and agree with the others: I see no orangy spots. LOVE IT. JEALOUS!!!

  6. it looks great - seriously, it looks professionally done!

    the very few times i've tried to color my hair myself, i've ended up at the salon for 4 hours to get it fixed!

    while in college, i wanted to dye my hair back brown (because keeping up with the highlights was too expensive) and ended up dying it black! no joke! it was a disaster and costed a fortune to get it fixed.

    yours looks awesome though - i just can't give in and try it again ......to afraid i'll have to go to work for a day w/ jacked up hair....that would be my luck!


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