My First Trip to Walmart

and I'm completely in LOVE. Now I have been in a Walmart before but it's always been a casual stop in to grab something. I've never actually spent time browsing and shopping mostly because I'm a Target girl. I have always lived with 5 minutes of a Target so it's always been my go to. I decided today to see if Walmart was cheaper b/c I found one that is right on my way home from work.

Let me say this. You can literally find everything you could ever possibly want in a Walmart. I spent an hour just going through the aisles with my mouth gaping open. You can buy milk, fishing gear, fabric, gardening supplies, furniture, home decor, clothes, shoes, paper towels, door knobs, kitchen appliances, drills, baby bottles etc I could go on forever, and most of you probably already know all of this.

So I am totally and completely hooked. I am planning to do my next full grocery shopping trip at Walmart to see if I save myself significant money vs Target. I'll let you all know how it turns out.


  1. There is a new Walmart being built right down the road from my house...I cannot wait until it opens! I'm like you, I've always been a Target girl, but the convenience of having a Walmart so close to my house makes me think that I'm going to have to convert!

  2. I use to be a Target girl too and then a big super Walmart opened up by me. Suddenly I was in heaven! The prices are less than Target. I'm in love. :)

  3. Sometimes Walmart is so overwhelming! But, I do love the cheap prices, so when I'm up for dealing with the masses I'll take a trip there. I'm more of a Kroger girl for grocery shopping though :)

  4. haha- my best friend and i get into huge fights about whether Walmart is awful or awesome. I think AWESOME.

  5. I think it's so funny when I hear about someone who has never been to Wally World. Down south we grew up going to those things and had never heard of Target until about 12 years ago when they built one.

    Our Wal-Mart can be a little crazy. You can go in and see people of all walks of life- from mullets to clean-cut CEOs. It's always entertaining when I go.

    Welcome to the Wal-Mart world.


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