Blogging from my Blackberry

Soo I am blogging from my BB because my computer is in it's final stages of life. I am leaving it off before it completely dies so hopefully I can rescue my pictures and songs. K is in California all week for work so I have no alternative computer either! It's going to be a lonely week around here! Hopefully I can sneak in a blog post at work tomorrow. Shhhh don't tell my boss!


  1. Aw, man! I think I broke my camera today and I am about to die! I feel for you...if the computer broke, I think I'd feel like I lost a limb!

  2. Oh dang! that really sucks!! Sorry :( :(
    Hope you can adopt a new laptop soon!

  3. Isn't it insane how dependent we become on our phones, computers, camera...I'd honestly die without all 3 of them!


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