Wedding Wednesday

So I know quite a few other bloggers do this but I have decided to devote one day of my blog to weddings. The reason being is all I do all day long, all night long, in every email, phone convo, happy hour etc is talk about weddings. Honestly I get sick of it at times so when I blog I usually don't feel up to talk about it! So sorry to everyone else who does this but I will now be doing Wedding Wednesdays!

Today's topic is: Gift Registry

Everyone said that registering for gifts would be so much fun, and it is, don't get me wrong but it's also extremely overwhelming. The first problem being, I suck at making decisions. I am the most indecisive person you will ever meet. So that being said, registering has been difficult. After much thought I have decided on Pottery Barn, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Macy's.

I LOVE Pottery Barn. Love is actually an understatement for how I feel about PB. I decided to go with them because I received the Serafina shower curtain and pillow shams as a Christmas gift so I wanted to get bath linens to match. I also am in love with PB's Emma Dinnerware.

The only problem? K does not like it. He has no interest in any other piece of this wedding but apparently he doesn't like my "boring" taste in dishes. We currently have white ones very similar to the Emma pattern that used to belong to my parents. I personally am not a patterned dish kind of girl, nor or I am bright colors kind of girl color hence the ivory, navy, and pale blue wedding colors. So I am working on this one.

Then I went with Macy's because my mother and grandmother both said that I MUST register at a department store! Plus I feel in love with the Etoile Platinum china by Monique Lhuillier for Royal Doulton.

Then I chose Bed, Bath, & Beyond because I found that some stuff was cheaper there than at Macy's like the Jimmy Buffet Margarita Machine.... Plus people can use their handy 20% off coupons that come in the mail every 2 weeks, making people more likely (especially in this economy) to buy stuff from here, if they want

I need to make sure to balance the registry so I don't get carried away and go crazy over expensive or frivolous items I do not need.

So I had a few questions and I would like suggestions from anyone!

Did you girls register for crystal? if so what did you register for?
What is one thing you are happy you registered for?
Is there anything you didn't register for that you wish you did?
Did you ever feel that you over registered, or didn't register for enough, or registered for too many expensive items?



  1. Hey there. I registered at PB and Bed Bath and Beyond. I didn't register for crystal, and that was a good call, I think. The best things from our registry were three sets of really nice wine glasses, a rice cooker, expensive sheets, and an area rug we wanted. I wish I'd registered for way more towels and a cute set of salad dishes or bowls. I did the solid, classic dish sets too. Love those, but I'd like some little topper plates to spruce them up for parties. I TOTALLY felt like I over-registered, but turns out, I under registered, big time. They bought everything, and the few things they didn't buy, we got with gift cards, and still had leftover gift cards and money to spare. We probably could have purchased our registry twice over (we had a 150 guest wedding, though. I guess it depends on your guest list.)

    The ridiculous or expensive items (like the area rug), I thought no one would buy. But oh boy! They did.

    My suggestion = Visit the stores you can and just zap away at what you want. Then, go home and edit the list from your computer, getting rid of what seems totally useless. Then, any place you're registering exclusively online (that was PB for me), go ahead and fill in the gaps where you need to from the other two places.

    I actually hated registering myself and found it way stressful, but the end result is awesome, and you'll find yourself getting obsessed with your registry. Because you can track it online, you'll be like, "Oh my! Someone bought the set of ceramic cansisters? Who could it be? Perhaps Aunt Candace? What about Grandma?" So bizarre, I know, but I'm guilty as charged.

    Sorry. This is a long, long comment. Hope I was helpful!

  2. i feel like i over-registered, it almost felt greedy...did you feel that way too? i am glad to read brittany ann's comments. hopefully things work out as well for me too. i did not register for crystal or silver because i am inheriting both from my grandmother. i registered for fine china, everyday china, glassware, bakeware, cookware and a few gadgets. i have not yet registered for linens, but i will go back to add that stuff soon.

  3. i love love love Monique Lhuillier's collection. i look at it all the time!


  4. Yes I totally agree with feeling greedy! I don't want people to look at my registry and think Wow who does she think she is with all these expensive items!

  5. i have no idea what i'm registering for but i went to Macy's yesterday with my fiance. we have SUCH different tastes in plates. what to do?? :)


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