Guess what I just picked up for $35

The J.Crew Cotton Cady Lydia dress in Plum!! I tried to find the picture on J.Crew after I bought it but it is sold out so this is a pic I found on ebay! I have never owned a purple dress so I'm excited!!
The dress was $59.99 then I had the extra 20% off and a $25 gift card so the total came to $34.88! I think this dress will be perfect to add to my wedding dresses collection (ie. dresses I wear to other people's weddings) Especially since I have 5 weddings this year...
source: ebay



  1. That is SUCH the perfect dress for attending weddings! And I love love love the color. Gorj!

  2. You're totally right about that being a "wedding" dress! Purple is my favorite color too, so I absolutely adore the dress! What size do you wear? Haha!

  3. I love purple too! Go to www.wedeventdesign.blogspot.com for my Bridal Buzz site, and scroll down and see the 3 purple posts I did in February.

  4. Love the dress, and love the fact that you have a collection of dresses you wear to weddings! Genius!

  5. I LOVE THAT DRESS! so jealous...

    also, it would look super cute with rainbows and a little cardigan :)


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