Friday Fun Facts

-The reason I refer to my fiance as "K" is because he wants to stay anonymous... he doesn't really understand internet social networking, I can barely get him to check his yahoo mail account let alone try something like facebook or blogger.

- I ran a marathon on October 13 2007, it was one of the hardest, longest, most painful days of my life. I would totally do it again in the blink of an eye, it was so worth it. I'm considering Oct 2009...

-I went to private Catholic school for 12 years and (public) University of Maryland- College Park for college, talk about CULTURE SHOCK. I plan to send my kids to public school.

-I hate winter clothes and never spend my money on them. I have more sun dresses, shorts, flip flops, bathing suits, and tank tops than any one person should. I would like to move south one day.

-I can't believe I'm finally getting married- I only had to wait 5 years and 6 months to get engaged. That's why I'm getting married exactly 8 months after my engagement, I would have done is sooner if the church had availability.

-I gave up red meat in August 2007, I can't imagine ever eating a burger again. I would like to give up meat completely but I don't really like vegetables.

-Without spell check I would be screwed

-My home laptop is 8 years old, it weighs at least 5lbs, doesn't have wireless internet so I have to sit at a desk, and makes really loud noises when I open too many websites at once but it does exactly what I need it to do so I can't really justify buying a new one.

-I wear waterproof mascara EVERYWHERE. I cannot go without it. I wear it at the beach, I wear it when I work out, I wore it for my marathon, I even used to wear it to swimming practice in high school. I look like a completely different person with mascara on vs off.

-I am not a very anal person but I am EXTREMELY anal about the pens I write with. I only use Pentel RSVP fine point pens in blue or black ink. Preferably black.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I only wear waterproof mascara as well! I cry when I laugh and so it has become a necessity:)

    Have a good day!

  2. Oh gosh I love this post!!! I hated waiting to get engaged, to get married. Crazy Catholic church made us wait a year. Boo!

    I also went to a Catholic grade school in the midwest (aka, no diversity) and went to University of Florida. I seriously walked around for at least a month with my mouth gaping open!

  3. i would be screwed if i didn't have spell check either. i blame spell check for my bad spelling in the first place though.

  4. My laptop is from the dark ages too, but it has treated me so well! Can you get a wireless card for yours? That really saved the day for mine... although it has no battery life so I am still always connected to the wall ;-). At least we have our phones to keep us in the 21st century!

  5. Fun facts! I would have issues without spell check either and think I own way too many summer shirts and tank tops also.


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