We're in a recession and I want a $500 dress

Lilly Pulitzer Claudie Dress

I am in love with this dress. Ours friends Megan & Craig are getting married in May in Newport, RI on the beach and this Lilly dress would be perfect!! It's the right combo on casual and elegent. The only problem? Oh yeah it's $458.00. hahahahahahahahaha It is fun though isn't it?

Never.going.to.happen. Hey a girl can dream!

So instead I will be grazing Ebay for Lilly dresses and Jcrew for sales. I would like to not spend over $100 if I can!

P.S. Head over and check out Babbling Abby's giveaway today, they are the most adorable onesies in ever! If I had a baby I would be trying to win one!!!


  1. I have seen this dress, and I love it! I have a beach wedding in late March that I knew it would be perfect for...except for the price tag. So I'm with you. If you find a good substitute, let me know:)

  2. Thanks again for the press ;) And oh how I love that dress! Lilly is just to die for. Though I'd prefer an eBay steal than paying retail. Good luck in your search!


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