I should be sleeping..

but I'm not. We had people over to watch the championship games so I stayed up to clean because I hate going to bed to a messy house. K is passed out on the couch downstairs, he was partying a little to hard during the Eagles game(sad loss) so I'm just going to leave him there for now, luckily tomorrow is a holiday and he gets Tuesday off because of the inauguration.

So instead of sleeping I've been browsing the web and came across J.Crew's new 2009 swim suit line and I'm in love with the suits below:

Ellora print bandeau tank with gold trim

I usually don't like one pieces but I LOVE this one!

Swimming starfish banded halter top

I LOVE starfish!!

Palace floral wideband halter top

I think this one would make me look tan :)

P.S. Do you recognize the model?? It's Mallory from Real World Paris!! haha


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