TGIF: Celebrity Round-up

TGIF People!! Are you ready for the weekend?  I know I sure am!

So let's chat about what some of my fave celebs have been up to this week:

Ok let's admit it she is super cute.  Not that I wasn't expecting her to be since her parents are cute but she is pretty adorable.  Look at those big eyes!

Clearly someone is pregnant... even though their husband thinks he's funny by tweeting that they're not denying or confirming anything, or maybe she just got fat and he likes kisses her belly now and having photos taken of it.


I really hope these two are dating.  I LOVED them together on That 70s show and they just seem much better suited than him and Demi or her and Macaulay Culkin.  Apparently this is them on a morning-after-sleepover coffee run

Blake Lively can do no wrong on the red carpet.  She seriously kills it every time. Here she is in a yellow Gucci number at the Savages premiere.  She is also quoted as saying she eats cupcakes and never works out, so I hate her. 

Are you all excited for Magic Mike??  Anyone going to see it this weekend?  My book club has a date to see it on July 10th.  I'm pretty sure it might be cheesy or have a bad story line but I'm really only going for the shirtless dancing.  Let's be honest.

And for your viewing pleasure here is a Magic Mike trailer that shows a bit more (backside) skin...



Homegoods Strikes Again

I have had a weakness for Homegoods for quite a long time (I know many can relate) but lately they have been better than ever!! It takes all my will power not to buy everything I see.

Here are my finds from this week's trip:

Sorry this was hanging upside down- I tried to flip the picture but it looked weird

I fell in LOVE with this console below and think it would be perfect in our living room. It's only $499 which is a steal compared to some others I've been looking at and the color is perfect! Now if only I  can convince my husband...

I did come home with this garden stool below (which you probably saw if your follow me on twitter or instagram- if you want to my username is nathend5 for  both) and I'm still in the process of figuring out where I want to put it!

So do you shop at Homegoods? Is your local Homegoods as good as mine these days?

**this is not a sponsored post, I'm just sharing my love of Homegoods with you!


Light Pink Walls

Happy Monday! I hope you all I a great weekend! Mine was pretty low key so I don't really have any pictures to share so instead you get to see what I've been pinning :) 

I pinned this image below on Pinterest over the weekend and I'm completely obsessed with it.  The wall color, the sunburst, the neutral bedding, scones, side tables, the cane chair, and the kilm rug which is just a-mazing and really adds the perfect amount of texture to the room.  The room is designed by Julio Quinones Interior Design and you can find an even clearer picture in this portfolio here.

Pink can be a really hard color to pull off in an adult setting because many pinks come off as too "nursery" or "childish" but this room is done perfectly.
I'm not a huge pink fan in general but I am dying to paint a room in my house a light pale pink but I can't seem to get husband on board.  
I also love those bedside tables- anyone have a source or suggestion of where to find them?  

So do you have any pink rooms in your house that aren't children's rooms? How did you get your husband/boyfriend/roommate to agree to a pink room?



My New Guilty Pleasure: Dallas

Are you all watching the new Dallas on TNT?? If you're not you should be. It's filled with drama and good looking people, so it's right up my alley.

Did you ever watch the original Dallas?  Dallas was about the Ewing Family a wealthy Texas family that worked in the oil and cattle ranching business and the Ewing family home South Fork Ranch.  I remember years ago spending the night at my grandparents house and my grandma letting us stay up late to watch Dallas. I used to get so excited just hearing the theme song. 

The new Dallas is a continuation of the old Dallas, not to be confused with a re-make, so quite a few of the old characters are back! So far after the first 3 episodes I am totally hooked.   Many of the same schemes and elements of the original show still exist so I can't wait to see what happens!

Here are the characters in no particular order:

 Christopher Ewing played by Jessie Metcalfe
(adopted son of Bobby & Pam Ewing)

John Ross Ewing played by Josh Henderson
(son of JR and Sue Ellen Ewing)

Elena Ramos played by Jordana Brewster
(daughter of the Ewing family cook)

Rebecca Sutter played by Julie Gonzalo
(Christopher Ewing's fiance)

These 4 above are the new younger generation of the show and then the below cast anchor the older cast.

Bobby Ewing played by Patrick Duffy
(son of Jock and Miss Ellie Ewing and JR's younger brother)

J.R. Ewing played by Larry Hagman
(son of Jock and Miss Ellie Ewing and Bobby's older scheming oil baron brother)

Sue Ellen Ewing played by Linda Gray
(J.R's ex-wife and John Ross' Mom)

Ann Ewing played by Brenda Strong
(Bobby's 3rd wife is the story they're using)

For the full Ewing Family Tree click  here. The main 3 characters to return to the show are JR, Bobby, and Sue Ellen Ewing played by there original actors listed above.  On the original show Bobby's wife was Pamela but rumor is that the actress who played her, Victoria Principal, had no desire to return to the show so they just made Bobby re-married and there have been a few mentions of her here and there where they imply she just up and left.  A few more characters from the original show have made appearances since it started 2 weeks ago. 

Have you watched it? What do you think? Do you recognize that almost half the cast has started on Desperate Housewives at some point (Ha!)? 



I'm Baaaaack

First off I have to say Thank you for all of the love on my last post! I didn't mean to sound down and I certainly wasn't looking for any pity from you all I just wanted to give you all an explanation for my lack of posting in May and my small break this month.

Let me just tell you it was so nice to spend the last 2 weeks disconnected!  I know I owe quite a few people emails and I promise I will get to them this week.

So here is what I've been up to in pictures... I apologize this is a long one!

We said Good bye to two sets of couples who have been in our core group of friends for the past 5 years (the husbands graduated med school and they're moving for residency) and it still hasn't sunk in yet that our group of 5 couples is now 3 :(  Here we are on our last night happy hour with everyone living in the area:

I spent some time in Baltimore as usual at the Federal Hill Jazzfest and then Sailabration which is recognizing the Bicentennial anniversary of the war of 1812. The Baltimore Inner Harbor is full of  huge ships from all over the world, the boats are amazing.  I also got to see the 9/11 flag that was hanging at 90 west when the towers fell and heard the story about how it's been traveling around the country being restored and resown with reminants of American flags that have survived other tragedies. If you have a chance to see it and hear the stories I really suggest going.

I spent lots of time doing this...

I finally got to eat at the foodie mecca in Baltimore Woodberry Kitchen and I can tell you that it definitely lives up to the hype!

We had the most amazing drinks

And this dessert is to.die.for....
Malt ice cream, chocolate sauce, marshmallow fluff, wet peanuts
When I heard the description I was a little weary but let me tell you it seriously is the BEST.DESSERT.EVER and I'm craving it already and ready to go back.

I also spent at a lot of time in Annapolis...

I've been experimenting with my new summer drink...
 Summer shandy- perfect summer beer

This is kind of gross... it's a malt beverage and reminded me of something I would drink in college

Spent time with my parents especially my Dad since he's retired...

 Mom's hydrangeas
Delicious kabobs

My Parents- I hope I age as well as these two!

Me and Dad on Father's Day

**I have some exciting news on the job front so stay tuned and I should be back to regular blogging for good! I've missed you all so much and can't wait to fish through my google reader which has as least 1000+ and see what you all have be up to.  

It's good to be back!



Officially Unemployed

As of last Thursday May 31st at 5:00pm I am officially job-LESS. I actually knew this lay off was coming since we lost a huge account contract in March that ended on May 31st but that doesn't mean its anymore fun. I'm not going to go into details about how everything happened but it's unfortunate the way that it did and to be honest I'm actually happy to be moving on. This will be the first time since probably my freshman year of college that I haven't had a job and the feeling is really, really weird. I'm lucky that I have my husband and he's being very supportive but it still feels weird not to have my own paycheck! So for awhile things are going to be different around here and my shopping budget just dropped to about $0.00 but I still have many things to be thankful for like my health and amazing family and friends!! 

(the poster that hung on my office wall for the past 4 years)

Since I knew this was coming I have some new opportunities in the works but it might be sporadic blogging around here as I take the next 2 weeks off to relax and soak up some sunshine!! I will be back soon to fill you in on my next steps. 

Also a big Thanks to Meg from Pink Fireflies for the Victoria's Secret Giveaway I won and to Cheryl Denise from A Peek of Chic for the eShakti dress giveaway I won!!
And a big Thank You all my readers and blog friends for your daily comments and emails- the blog world really is full of amazing, kind, inspiring people!
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