Looking Forward

2010 was a good year and I don't have any major complaints but I'm looking very forward to 2011 and what it holds for us.
This past year was a year of what ifs, don't knows and general uncertainty for us revolving around K going back to graduate school to get his MBA and now that he has started I think we have finally worked out a routine and lifestyle that is comfortable for us.   It's hard at times and our budget has changed but life is moving on and going well so far.

I don't really set resolutions because I just end up feeling bad about myself come February so this year we have a theme for our year.  The theme is "diet."   I decided that a few areas of our lives need a diet for me it's food and shopping, meaning eating better and following a more stable diet and shopping a lot LESS.  Shopping is going to be a lot harder than eating right but I need to learn to save for my purchases instead of just buying whatever I want whenever I want it!

Looking forward to 2011 and all it holds!  Happy New Year to all!
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