Thoughts for Thursday: Randomness

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Thoughts for Thursday
- Some days I feel like I'm barely hanging on by a thread.  Two kids is so physically and emotionally draining.

- I failed on my no sweets for the month of January. I made it until the 17th when I gave into Kyle's temptation and had a chocolate chip cookie. It's all been downhill from there. 

- I haven't been to Target in 2 weeks.  I believe that is a record for me. 

- I'm going to Target on Friday and I'm mostly looking forward to picking up some Valentine's M&M's.  Is it just me or do the holiday ones taste better than the regular ones? 

- Lately I've been a little crazy stressing (and still hormonal) that Matthew might be my last baby so I must buy him ALL THE CUTE BABY CLOTHES I see.  It's getting bad.  Babies growing up is so bittersweet.

- Speaking of growing up sometimes I forget how much of a baby Miller still is. Having Matthew has made me see him as older than he is so I'm trying really hard to stop doing that. I have to constantly remind myself that he's only 1. 

- Oh and some how Matthew is 12 weeks old and will be 3 months next week. HOW?!?! Time moves too fast.

- My birthday is in 10 days.  It's the only redeeming quality of February.  Otherwise February kind of sucks (at least it does here in MD because you're over the holidays and ready for spring but it's still freezing and gray everyday). 

- They only gift I've requested is a cookie cake from Great American Cookie.  I'm interested to see if Kyle actually delivers on that request.

- The spring clothes in all the stores are such a tease. Maybe I just need to move somewhere warmer.

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Current Obsessions: For the Kiddos

I've been doing a lot of online shopping lately but to be honest it's mostly been for the boys.  Since I'm not quite where I want to be in weight/shape/sizes so I've decided the boys need new clothes instead.  :)

Here are some of my favorites that may or may not have made it into my cart this week:

 I had these leggings with Miller and LOVE them. They are so sort and comfy and perfect for lounging around the house or playing. 

These are the only socks that stay on infant feet in my opinion.  They can be a bit expensive for baby socks but are totally worth it!  How cute are those little ballet ones for you girl mamas?!

 I know these are so not practical for infants but I think Matthew needs a pair! I mean how cute will they be with those leggings up above?!

Nordstrom Baby Bunting 
 I'm obsessed with this but I totally don't need one since I have quite a few of these from Miller so if you don't have one yet for your baby please pick this one up! I saw it in person and it's so cute! It also comes in this adorable pink for girls.

We are no where near shorts season around here but these Gap knit shorts are another favorite! They are so comfy but perfect for playing outside or at the park.  Since they're inexpensive I don't mind if they get dirty. 

Loving this cozy little one piece outfit for Matthew.   Do you see a theme with the stripes yet?  It's sort of a problem.

I have been looking for a little sailor romper for Matthew for the spring/summer and thanks to Zulily I found it! I was able to snag this for $29.99 this week and they have so much other cute stuff it's taking all myself control not to buy more.

I think this might be the last summer I can get away with Jon Jons on Miller so I've been drooling over this one for him and Matthew! Smocked Auctions is one of my go-tos because you just cannot beat the prices! 

Have you bought anything for your kiddos lately?  Still buying winter clothes or are you preparing for warmer weather?



Life Lately

Sorry for the radio silence yesterday!  Kyle is in California this week so I decided to stay with my parents for the week since we were supposed to be getting snow.  Well the snow was a total disappointment yesterday but it has been really nice to have the extra help with the boys. 

Over the weekend Kyle and I were able to sneak out for a date night while my parents baby sat.  It was probably the first time in over a year that I was really able to relax and enjoy myself without stressing over the babies.  The wine and champagne may have helped with that too...

Date Night Outfit

 His and Hers Drinks

We've been dying to go to this restaurant for a few years now. It's one of those places that doesn't take reservations and if you don't get there before 6pm you're waiting at least 2 hours for a table.  We got there right before 6pm and waited for about 45 minutes but it was so worth it!  The food was out of this world and I would go there again in a heartbeat. 

Otherwise we have just been really lazy and enjoying spending time with grammie and grandapa. 

A girlfriend lent me the Mamaroo which I plan to tell you all more about this week.  

Hope you all are having a good week and staying warm and cozy if you're in a blizzard right now!!


Saturday Shopping: Piperlime is Closing!!

Gap Inc announced yesterday that Piperlime will be shutting it's virtual doors this April!    Apparently they were hoping that Piperlime would eventually be on par with Zappos or Amazon and it just isn't bringing in nearly that kind of business. They have decided to shut it down and focus on their main brands Gap, Old Navy, Banana.  I am absolutely devastated as Piperlime has become one of my favorite places to shop over the past few years.  It's also hands down my favorite Gap Inc brand and one I usually have the most luck in. 

I will be so sad to see it go but hopefully we will continue to see great sales from them over the next few months.  They are having a great 30% off sale right now on shoes, handbags, and accessories with the code HITREFRESH.

Here are some things I've been eyeing and might take advantage of now that I know they're going out of business.

Do you shop at Piperlime?  Are you shocked and sad to see them close down? 


Friday Five

TGIF! Are you all happy it's Friday?  I know I am. We might sneak out for a date night this weekend. Woohoo! Thank you all for your comments on yesterday's post.  I am totally not a super mom I can promise you that and not all my days are that easy and there are plenty of days I don't cook or clean and lose my temper all day!
For those that asked... yes my diva goldendoodle Layla drinks out of a cup.  I don't remember when it started but she now refuses to drink water out of a bowl.  #princess #divadog

Here are five things I'm thinking about this week...

1. Essential Oils-  Ok I know these are being hyped all over blogs and instagram but do they really work?  I have a ton of allergies- like I'm allergic to everything and I used to take Zyrtec for years but I haven't been able to take it since having babies because it makes me too drowsy.  Since I'm already pretty tired I don't need something to make me feel worse and a few people suggested essentials oils.  Will they really cure my allergy symptoms?  Are they safe around babies/kids?  If you have tried them I would love to hear your thoughts and hear if they really work. I need to break out of this allergy fog I've been living in.

2. Hiring an Interior Designer-  Our house needs so much help right now and I'm thinking about hiring an interior designer.  I love decorating myself and thought I could do it but lately I just feel blah.  I feel like I can't make a decision or I make a decision and then one week later I'm doubting it and I change everything again.  I think I've changed the pillows in my family room five times since 2015 started.  I would also love someone to bounce my ideas off of who can tell me yay or nay.   I'm not sure if I can afford to go with a traditional designer (depending on the price) but I was thinking about maybe getting design boards made so that I can still do the shopping/feel involved myself.   So does anyone have any suggestions?  Are their any designer or design blogs you love?  I have a few in mind plus I have a few local people I'm considering hiring.  Also if you have any experience working with a designer I would love to hear about it!

3. This Dress- Ever since Annie posted this dress on Wednesday I can't stop thinking about it and dreaming of warm weather.  We are so far from warm weather here but a girl can dream....

4. Wheat Belly-  I don't have any digestive problems that would suggest to me that I have a gluten intolerance but I am intrigued by the idea of eating a gluten free low carb/non-processed/natural diet. As I mentioned above I have a ton of allergies and have always had acne prone skin so I would love to give this diet a try for a month and see if it does anything for either of those ailments.   A lot of people tout the anti-inflammatory benefits of this diet which I think would help with both of my problems.    Has anyone read the book?  I would love to hear your thoughts before I download it. 

5.  Sleep!-  This little guy below slept from 11pm-5am last night and Miller slept through the night which means I got SIX STRAIGHT HOURS OF SLEEP.  #lifechanging 
I cannot even describe how good I feel today.  I might only need 2 cups of coffee...

Happy Weekend Y'all!

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A Day in the Life: Two under Two

Sorry I'm running so late today!  Went to bed early last night before I finished this post.  Hope you all will join us for another Thoughts for Thursday.  Remember grab the button and link up at the bottom.

Thoughts for Thursday

Quite a few of you requested to hear more about life with two under two and how I'm handling it. I'm working on another post about it too but I decided to share a day in the life with you to get an idea of how my days go!

Date: Monday January 19, 2015 
Kyle works and I stay at home with our two kids
Miller- 18 months
Matthew- 10 weeks 

5:30- Matthew is awake and ready to eat.  He was just up 3:30am and at 11 before that so I'm pretty tired. He's still sleeping next to our bed (because I'm lazy) in the Rock n Play for most of the night so I pick him up to nurse him. Matthew usually just sleeps on my chest after he eats and I love that we have some time to ourselves to just lay around.  I usually play on my phone and doze in and out of sleep for the next hour until Miller is up. 

6:30am Miller is awake and yelling out in his crib for us. I put Matthew into the Rock n Play and  I pop into his room, change his diaper and take him downstairs. He gets an applesause pouch and heads for his toys. 

6:40am I go back upstairs to get Matthew changed.  Miller comes looking for me so I take Matthew down half dressed and finish up with him downstairs

6:50-Make oatmeal for Miller and me.  Matthew watches us from the bouncer which I have up on our counter.

7am- I finally make my coffee and Kyle leaves for work.  Miller helps me feed Layla.  This is his new favorite thing to do.

7-7:45 Miller watches Thomas while I get dressed (I change into my I could answer the door if someone rang it and not look like a crazy women clothes), clean up kitchen and answer emails/blog and put Matthew in swing for nap. I don't remember my coffee until 7:20. Thankfully it's still warm

8am- We head into the basement to play while Matthew naps upstairs. 

9am- Head upstairs for snack and to change and feed Matthew.  I try to read books or play an app with Miller while I feed Matthew so he doesn't just mindlessly watch more tv.

9:30am- Matthew plays on his playmat while Miller plays trains and toys until he decides he wants to join Matthew 

10:15am- Miller down for nap. He usually doesn't go down this early it's usually more like 11:30-12 but he was up around 10pm for a hour because he's getting his top molars so I knew he had to go down early.  

10:30am-Take Matthew into our room and put him into the swing and hop into the shower.

11am- Both babies are asleep!! It's a miracle so I try to tackle my to do list. Make phone calls, read blogs, email, laundry, etc.   This is about where I stop taking pictures for the day- so sorry!!

12:30pm- Matthew wakes up. Change him and bring him downstairs to nurse him.  Watch Hart of Dixie that I didn't get to watch last Friday and spend some time playing with Matthew.  He's just starting to coo and "talk" to us which just makes my heart melt.  I love baby coos.   

1:15pm- Miller is awake. He slept 3 hours thanks to exhaustion and teething. This is rare but I enjoyed every minute of it.  Get him changed out of pjs and downstairs for lunch.   Lunch is a really hit or miss meal for us.  I make him a peanut butter sandwich and give him a nutri grain bar.  He only eats the nutri grain bar and drinks some milk.  Oh well. 

2:30- Miller's friend James and his mommy come over to play until 4pm. Thankfully Miller can burn some energy!

4pm- Our friends leave so it's time for a snack and Mickey while I have a diet coke and scroll insta and blogs and feed Matthew

4:30pm-  We play with Matthew which usually involves Miller trying to hit him or squash him until Miller decides he wants to color for a little bit.  He just started to LOVE coloring and crayons and I like it because it's a quiet activiy.  This can be a really tough time of day for both of them and me but today everyone is cooperating so it's a win!! 

5pm- Start dinner for Miller.  It's chicken nuggets with BBQ sauce (he's really big into dipping these days), veggies, and toast for dinner night.    Matthew is back in the swing for a little snooze. Miller is usually in the kitchen helping me or in the family room playing.  I usually turn the local news on so I can catch up with the day's stories. 

5:30pm-  Miller eats while I cook our dinner. We're having turkey tacos.

6pm- We all head upstairs so Miller can take a bath.  He loves bathtime and Matthew loves watching.

6:20pm- We head downstairs so Miller can have milk and watch a Thomas before bed. I usually let him watch two Thomas shows since they're only 11 minutes long.

6:45pm- Upstairs for stories and bedtime. If Kyle is home he will do bedtime with Miller but since he's working late I have to do it and take Matthew with me since he's awake now.  Miller is not happy about having Matthew in his room but we make it work with a few tears and screams. 

7pm- Lights out for Miller so I head back down with Matthew to feed him. Miller usually talks to himself/plays for 10-15 minutes before falling asleep.

7:30pm- Kyle gets home

7:45pm- Eat dinner while Matthew chills in the bouncer

8pm- Watch The Bachelor (Kyle watches too) and take turns holding Matthew until he falls asleep.   We flip between this and Celebrity Apprentice. Usually I have a bedtime routine with Matthew but he's really fussy and just wants to be held.  I'm also exhausted and drained so I don't mind us just holding him.  This is usually when I try to get my blogging done for the next day. 

10:00pm  Upstairs to bed and Matthew transitions to rock n play fine! Yay!! This is always a tricky one.  Let's hope he sleeps until at least 1am so I can get more than 2 hours of sleep.

So that's what my days look like!  They can be long and exhausting but I do feel very lucky that I get to be home with both of my boys all day.

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Current Obsessions

Thanks for all of your comments and suggestions on yesterday's post about about our master bedroom furniture. You all got my wheels turning and now I might have a completely new idea! 

Here are some things I'm currently obsessing over this week:

This skirt!! Love it. I also love the clutch and shoes. I just wish I had somewhere to wear it. I'm trying to come up with something for my birthday that I could wear this to.

 I have been obsessed with this coat since I saw it last winter in the Mini Boden catalog and was finally able to snag it for $34 at my Nordstrom last weekend!  It is so freaking adorable and I could justify buying a second coat for Miller since Matthew can use it next year :)

I couldn't leave my little guy out so I picked this up on sale for Matthew.  It's still more than I would normally spend on a baby outfit but it was so soft and so cute I couldn't resist.

This dress is fabulous and way out of my price range. 

One of my girlfriends was wearing this sweater recently and it's cute and comfy. It's one of those pulled together yet still comfortable looks which is what I'm all about these days.

How fun is this clutch?  I think I might need it for my Vegas trip

 I'm on the hunt for new black flats since my Revas have been driving me crazy lately and I love these!  Bonus they're only $49!

Blue and White Chinoiserie Jars and Vases

I absolutely love the look of the blue and white chinoiserie jars and vases and have been adding pieces to our house over the last few months.  My Homegoods has been great but One Kings Lane has so many options right now it's hard not to buy them all.

 How fun would these be for Valentine's day?!

So what are you obsessing over these days?! 

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