Summer 2012 Bucket List

Hi Friends! I hope everyone's Memorial Day weekend was as fun and relaxing as mine was.  All I can say is that I have the best friends in the world and we have waaaaay too much fun together. 

So I decided this year to make a Summer Bucket List.  I feel like every year the summer flies by and we never really take advantage of all the warm weather and sunny days so this year I'm changing things!

Here is my list but I would LOVE to hear your suggestions because I feel like I'm missing something so let me know if you would add anything.

1. Go crabbing
2. Go to Ocean City, MD (I haven't been since 2006!)
3. Go on a picnic
4. Go to the zoo
5. Go sailing
6. Go to an outdoor concert
7. See fireworks
8. Take a road trip
9. Grill out at least once a week
10. Ride a roller coaster
11. Eat oysters
12. Play tourist in DC
13. Go camping
14. Go to the OC boardwalk and eat Thrasher's fries and funnel cake
15. Go water skiing
16. Build a bonfire or sit around one
17. Go to a baseball game
18. Run a race (5k or 10k)
19. Make my own ice cream
20. Go to a Farmer's Market once a week for fresh veggies 
21. Host a dinner party
22. Finish a 1000 piece puzzle 

Do you have a summer bucket list?  Is there anything you would add to the list? 



TGIF: Let's Chat

TGIF Everyone!!! How excited are you for this 3 day weekend?? I am PUMPED and the weather is looking good so I'm pretty happy today!

So let's chat...

-How good does Brit Brit look going to the XFactor Auditions?  Wow it's like Brit Brit circa 2002-03

-I got a haircut last Saturday and I HATE it! I was almost in tears leaving the salon- that's never happened to me before.  Have you ever  hated a hair cut or gotten a bad one?  The cut itself isn't bad it's just A LOT shorter than I planned.  I went to a new girl and I don't think we communicated well. My husband had to tell me I was beautiful about 100x last weekend to keep me from having a full melt down

- Do you all watch Revenge?? The finale was OMG  **Spoilers ahead if you haven't watched the finale**    I don't know if I'm alone in this but I don't like Jack at all- he isn't cute and I want to give him a hair cut and wash his clothes. Daniel on the other hand is delicious.  I understand his family is crazy and evil and awful but I want them back together.  What about the plane with Victoria and Lydia on it?? Do we think she's actually dead? I don't think the show could go on without her.  Poor, poor Charlotte.  Ummm Fauxmanda with a baby?? What?? It can't be Jack's.
I think my favorite character is Nolan- he also had the best line of the night: " Do not do anything revengy until I get there. Got it?"

-I got this dress this week for $15.00 from Old Navy and that is it's original price not the sale price.  The have it in green and blue which I was dying for but didn't have any in my size.   You can clearly see what I do on my lunch breaks.    (you can get a peak of my new hair cut)
-  Has anyone tried the Skinny Girl wine yet? Is it good?  How does it have less calories? I'm pretty sure I end up consuming so much of the Skinny Girl drinks that I'm not actually saving any calories- whoops!

- I'm pretty sure that Megan Fox is pregnant. What do you all think? I heard a rumor she's having a girl. 

- How do you all feel about Acrylic/Lucite coffee tables? Are you over them, or do you feel like they're still in vogue?  I'm working on our family room and I'm thinking about getting an acrylic coffee table (if I can convince my husband) but I'm not sure if they are over done and it would just look like I'm trying to be trendy.  Thoughts?

- If you need something to do to get through this Friday check out this website.  It's awesome and can keep me entertained for hours.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone!! 



Summer Fashion

When I'm dying to shop but know that I can't Polyvore is my favorite thing to play on!  It's virtual shopping with the best closet ever and totally tides me over until I can really shop.

Here are some of my favorite summer looks:

Brunch with my girlfriends:

summer time

Summer Wedding:
Summer wedding

Date Night:
Summer date night

Summer Sightseeing

What's your favorite summer look?



Visiting over at For All Things Lovely

The lovely Meg from For All Things Lovely has invited me over today to share my summer wish list! Let's just say it's lust worthy so you should definitely check  it out!

Here's a sneak peak:

Check out the whole list here.

Happy Monday!


Victoria Secret Giveaway over at Pink Fireflies!!

Remember I told you all how about the fab Victoria Secret coverup that Meg had talked about last week?

Here let me remind you.

Remeber? Ok good.  Well Meg is hosting her 1st giveaway and you a have a chance to win a gift certificate to Victoria's Secret to buy this or any other fun item you want from there!  

All you have to do is click here and become a follower of Meg's blog (oh and remember to tell her I sent you so I get more chances to win-okawesomethanks!) and blog about it yourself for an extra entry.

Here's to happy winnings and happy weekend!

(sorry blogger won't let me change the picture size-argh)

Friday Round-Up: What I've been up to

 TGIF! This week totally flew by and I can't believe the weekend is here already!  I am ready for some relaxing and sunshine.

Here is what I've been up to in pictures...

Apparently my Grandma, Mom-Mom, reads fashion blogs because this is the outfit she showed up in for Mother's Day
colored denim, Striped shirt, and white blazer

My Gallery Wall art arrived from the lovely Sarah Swason of Florish Design +Style . You can buy your own piece here
Isn't it awesome?? Now I just need a frame for it!

Working on a little outdoor project... 

Gorgeous peonies at my mom's house

Running errands in my new favorite outfit- Jcrew striped vintage tee and neon Jcrew factory shorts 

Things you get excited about when you live in the suburbs... 

My favorite summer dessert...
angel food cake, whipped cream, and strawberries

Have a great weekend!


Outdoor Spaces

There is nothing I love more in the summer time than sitting outside on the deck or patio enjoying a glass of wine and a delicious grilled meal (preferably some pinot grigio and shrimp tacos).

We are working on updating the deck and patio at our house (if our HOA ever approves it!) so I've been dreaming of gorgeous outdoor spaces.

Since we currently live in a townhouse and we have strict HOA rules everything we're doing is pretty basic but I dream of the day I can have a gorgeous outdoor living space that I create myself.  I love outdoor spaces that just are just begging you to relax in them with a big glass of wine. 

Do you enjoy using your deck, patio, or balcony during the summer months?  Which one is your favorite? 
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