A little bit of this and a little bit of that

So I feel like I've been gone on and off for so long that I don't even know where to begin!

Let me begin by bringing you up to speed on what's been going on with Nat...

-I officially watched 1 family member and 4 friends make the transition into wedded bliss this year.  I managed to take wayyy to much advantage of the open bars and free food every time. So thank you all for throwing me a $30k party every weekend that I didn't have spend one dime on. 

-K and I spent a wonderful 3 days in Charleston, SC and I've been dying to go back every day since even with the 1000 degree heat and hair flattening humidity. 

-K and I celebrated our 1st anniversary... we managed to make it through our first year of marriage alive and well and we have officially been together for 7 years total, which is a damn long time. 

-I feel head first into the Twilight series and basically spent 2 weeks with my face in the books and ignored anyone that didn't want to talk about Twilight or Bella or Edward or Jacob with me.  I then forced my husband to see Eclipse with me when it was re-released on Sept 10th.  I've slowly recovered from my addiction, I think K was scared I might actually leave him for RPattz. 

-I discovered a long lost love for ravioli and I want to eat it for dinner every night.  This doesn't make my husband too happy. 

-I also learned that Trader Joe's makes Pumpkin Spice ice cream which is even better than it sounds. 

-K started grad school this year part time to get his MBA... which basically means I never ever see him. I mean I barely saw him before with his work schedule and traveling so now I really don't see him. It basically sucks and I'm spending a lot of time hanging out with myself.  I've just learned I need new hobbies and more friends.

-I have been filling the void of the missing husband by shopping WAY TOO MUCH... shhh don't tell him.  I'm going to have to do a whole post on all the fall clothes I've bought and maybe one on my ridiculous wish list I've complied too because I apparently think we're millionaires. 

-90210 and Gossip Girl are back. They totally make Mondays bearable. 

-Christmas is only about 9 weeks away, seriously?? I'm not even close to ready.

I haven't really been taking my camera with me lately but here are two pics from a wedding in September. 



Ten on Tuesdays

TEN ON TUESDAY via Ashley's Antics! 
1. What does your work out schedule look like?
This is what it should look like, whether not it does is a different story
Monday: Lift and 30 minutes cardio
Tuesday: 1 hour cardio
Wednesday: Yoga
Thursday: 1 hour cardio
Friday:Lift and 30 minutes cardio
Saturday or Sunday: Usually an easy run on Saturdays

2. What is your favorite machine to use at the gym?
Treadmill or stationary bike

3. What is your favorite class to take at the gym?
Hahahahahaha I don't do group exercising

4. Where do you shop for work out gear and clothing?
To be honest I probably haven't bought new exercise gear in years- I have so many pairs of Nike running shorts I never run out

5. If you can't go to the gym, do you have a favorite outdoor activity?
RUN- it's the best free therapy besides a glass of wine (except wine isn't free haha blond moment :)

6. What about a favorite work out DVD? If so, please share!
Jillian Michael's 30 day Shred- love her and the DVD

7. Are you more active now or when you were in high school?
I think now because I (try) to work out year round when in high school I would go really hard for a few months for cross county or lax or swimming and then take time a long time off in between.  

8. How has your dieting/working out philosophy changed since high school?
Hahahaha I used to eat 3-4 chocolate Entenmann's donuts pretty much everyday before cross country and I wore a size 0/2.  I also never thought about what I was eating though.  Now I'm pretty cognisant about what I put into my body and my whole philosophy on food has changed.  You can thank Skinny Bitch and The China Study for that, if you don't want to scarred don't read either one.   I was also an exercise science major in college so that helped!

9. What do you do while working out– (i.e., day dream, read, listen to music, gab with a friend)?
Listen to my Ipod full of awesome Rap and HipHop with a little Don't Stop Believin to keep me going 

10. What working out resolution would you like to make for yourself this year?
I'm so independent when I exercise that I want to go to group classes esp on days when I have no motivation, like Bodyworks, Zumba, etc.  I just have zero hand eye coordination so it could get embarrassing. 


Remember Me?

Hi there- remember me?  The long lost blogger full of empty promises of returning to blogging and then making a a few appearances and then disappearing for another 6 weeks?

Yeah major FAIL on my part.  As usual I have nothing to blame on it but real life and being busy, but I'm not even that busy so maybe just laziness??  or maybe I should just stop trying to make excuses.

You see I want to blog.   I just don't really have much to say lately, and I usually don't really like to complain a lot on here which is all I've really wanted to do lately so I've decided to fall back on the old if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. 


I decided that I blog for me and I should stop worrying about what people who read my blog think and just write what I want to write.

So I will be back and it might not be all that interesting to you but it will be to me and in the end that is what is important, right?
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