I'm Married!!!

I'm officially married!!! I can't believe it, the day literally flew by and I can't believe it's over!! Just like everyone said the day was absolutely perfect in so many ways. Just thinking about it makes me tear up!! It was so much fun to have all of our family and friends together to celebrate with us.

After pretty much resigning myself to a rainy wedding we walked out of the church after the ceremony to perfectly clear skies, I could not believe it I was shocked and so happy!!

Thanks for all the bloggy love and support over the last 8 months, you girls were so helpful and supportive, just another reason I love blogging!! I am now sitting in the airport awaiting our honeymoon to Aruba, which we are so pumped for! I promise to return with tons of pictures and details!!


One Day!

I'm getting married in one day!!! Ahhhh!!! Tomorrow is the big day and at 1:00pm we will (officially) start the wedding festivities! Tonight is the rehearsal and tomorrow morning at 7:00am we start our wedding prep!!

Here are some things we've been up to this week:

These are our favors- we had initially considered doing a candy buffet but we just didn't have the time or energy needed for that so instead our guest are getting skittles!

When we return from the honeymoon I will give you more detail about them, they were super cheap, easy and fun to make!

I decided to be crafty and make our programs myself. I used a program kit from Michaels that I purchased, yes they were cheap but very labor intensive!! (Notice Chopped in the background we had to watch what K wanted since he was not thrilled to be putting together programs and please excuse the mess!!)

Here are my two key elements to get me through the week, Diet Coke and Barefoot Pinot Grigio. DC for caffeine to keep me alert as I trudged through the programs and the Barefoot to calm me down so that I didn't throw my printer across the living room when it kept getting imaginary paper jams.

I'll probably sneak in a post early tomorrow morning and then I have some preplanned posts for when I'm in Aruba!!


5 Days

I'm getting married in 5 days!!!!!!! Can you believe it?!?!

Busy with wedding projects, promise to squeeze in a post or two this week!!



I don't really have much to say and I realized I haven't posted pictures in awhile so I thought I would show you what we've been up to the past month...

My good friends Laura and Larry's Wedding on July18, 2009
I love military weddings for the sword show (not sure what it's really called?!?)

K and me at L&L's wedding-
I had gotten a trial wedding hair-do that day so my hairdresser just did a simple up-do for me and I'm wearing my favorite blue Banana Republic dress

This is L&L with their baby Leo! Leo was a bit of "surprise" and they got married courthouse style last year and had a real big wedding this year and little baby Leo turns 1 tomorrow!! So we're going over there to celebrate his big day. Isn't he adorable?

I had a bridal shower with K's family in West Chester, PA!!
My (future) mother and sister-laws did an amazing job on it-it was such a great day and we're running out of space in our little townhouse with all the presents we've gotten!

This is me with my future mother and sisters in law

Me and my sis (Lovely Chaos) at our good friend's Gary & Karen's wedding

Our significant others and their respective cocktails- K &G
(G was in the wedding, and I can't figure out how to get the glare off his glasses in the pic-opps)

I'll be back with wedding planning updates on Sunday... only one week left!!
Can you believe it!?!?!



Wedding Music

I've already mentioned that I'm a huge procrastinator and indecisive, now that we have that out of the way let's move onto the important topic: Music.

So I have wanted to poll all my loyal readers about their music choices for their wedding (or dream wedding). I'm getting married in a church so all that music is taken care of but I'm looking for suggestions for the big ticket items as I call them.

1. Bridal party introductions into the reception
2. Bride & groom intro into reception
3. First Dance
4. Father/Daughter dance
5. Mother/Son dance
6. Last song of the evening

We have a good idea of what we're going to use but I wanted to see what all my bffs used and if you had any good ideas, suggestions, or other fun music to incorporate into the wedding!

Only 11 more days!!!


Just some Questions

So I totally stole this from ms. mindless but I'm a sucker for these things and I love getting to know other bloggers so I figured I would do it. Feel free to steal it if you're interested

What is your salad dressing of choice?
asian sesame ginger (Safeway brand spray dressing)

What food could you eat for 2 weeks straight and not get sick of it?
Pizza ( I pretty much already do this)

What are your pizza toppings of choice?
Cheese, cheese, and extra cheese

Are you right-handed or left-handed?

Have you ever had anything removed from your body?
A lot of teeth except my wisdom teeth

What is the last heavy item you lifted?
My weekend back from the wedding we went to last night

Have you ever been knocked unconscious?
No, thank god

If it were possible, would you want to know the day you were going to die?
Yes I would

If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
When I was little I always wanted to be named Kristen now I have no idea what I would change my name to.

Would you drink an entire bottle of hot sauce for $1000?
Yes, I would pretty much do anything for $1000

Last run-in with a cop?
My warning for the burnt out headlight- I actually have an amazing ability to charm cops. I talked myself out of 2 citations for underage drinking in college and about 4 tickets for various traffic offenses. I've only ever gotten a warning.

Last person you talked to?

Last person you hugged?
My friend Gary, he got married last night and we were saying our goodbyes after brunch

Favorite Season?
SUMMER-the beach, flip flops, and margaritas

Christmas, then Memorial day (the official start of summer in my book)

Day of the week?

June, July,or August

First place you went this morning?
To brunch

Do you smile often?
A lot,I like to think. I have my smiley days

Do you always answer your phone?
No I'm a major screener

It's four in the morning and you get a text message who is it?
K, he's in Cali and he's met/seen another celebrity

What flavor drink do you get at Sonic?
Ummm we don't have Sonic in Maryland and I almost went to a Sonic when I was visiting SC with one of my best friends but we skipped over it to go to a restaurant, it's on my list of must eat places

What's on your wish list for your birthday?
Hmmm I don't know yet I still have 6 months!

Can you do push ups?
The girl kind

Can you do a chin up?

Does the future make you more nervous or excited?
Excited, I'm always ready for our next fun adventure!

Ever been in a car wreck?
Yes in high school we got side swiped in my friend Anna's car, it was kind of scary but we were all ok and I've been rear ended a few times

Do you have an accent?
No but apparently I saw bagel weird and I am a Marylander who doesn't put a R in wash

What is the last song to make you cry?
Bad Day -Daniel Powter, it came out around the time when my grandma died so it always make me think of that sad time

Plans tonight?
I'm trying to drag K, my sis, and her boyfriend to Mexican Cafe-an awesome dive with amazing margaritas and delicious chimichangas

Have you ever felt like you hit rock bottom?
Yes, who hasn't? The good times wouldn't be so good without the bad

Name 3 things you bought yesterday?
I bought nothing yesterday which is kind of odd since I feel like there is always something to purchase

Current worry?
besides my wedding, figuring out a career path that I truly enjoy

Current hate right now?
I don't think I really hate anything, except for maybe the drivers on my commute to and from work

Met someone who changed your life?

How did you bring in the New Year?
at Pussers in Annapolis-it's our go to NYE spot and this year we took a limo, fancy right?

What were you doing 12 AM last night?
Leaving a wedding reception

What was the first thing you thought when you woke up?
I'm so glad I went to bed and didn't join the "after party"


No Expectations

Do you ever go into an event with no expectations and then leave thinking that was the most fun you've had in a really long time, maybe even all year?
Then you go to another event, one you've been so excited about for a long time and then end up not having as much fun as you expected, then you feel let down or disappointed?

This is my friends is my fear about my wedding. I'm scared that because I've built this day up so much in my head for the past 20 years 8 months I will be let down, or it won't be all I expected it to be or I won't have as much fun as I thought I would. I don't know why I've been letting this pesky thought bother me so much the past week or so but it has. Maybe it's the fact that my wedding is 2.5 weeks away or the fact that I had a wedding nightmare last night, involving me missing my wedding and reception because my bridesmaid wouldn't get dressed and no one would drive me.

I felt comforted by the fact that when I was stalking the www.weddingbee.com boards a girl wrote an honest post about her wedding day not being the happiest day of her life and one girl responded with this which I think is perfect, "If your wedding day is the happiest day of your entire life then you really have nothing left to look forward to in life." I couldn't agree more, I believe that the wedding industry has built us to believe that our wedding day must be the most magical, special, perfect day in our entire lives, leading us to forget why we're getting married in the first place. It's not just about that 1 day it's about starting a whole new chapter of your life with someone you love, honor, and cherish, a new special chapter that will hopefully bring you many days that you can deem the happiest day of your life.

So I plan to go into my wedding with no expectations for it to be perfect or magical or the best day of my entire life but more for it to be a grand celebration of love, family, and friends mixed in with a few glasses of champagne and some Don't Stop Believing....

Off to clean and organize-we're having house guests tomorrow night then Friday we're all traveling up to the border of western MD/PA for a wedding this weekend. I'll be back Sunday with pics and updates:)


Mighty Monday

I borrowed this from my BFF Babbling Abby feel free to play along if you want and tell us what you might have done since last Monday

I might have had one or more wedding related meltdowns last week

I might be obsessed with Tori and Dean, I might really like their Guncles

I might have signed up for Netflix and I might be waiting for season 1 of Gossip Girl so I can join the rest of the world in loving Chuck Bass

I might have piles of laundry waiting for me, I might be avoiding them

I might have another wedding to attend this weekend, I might be pretty excited because it might be be keeping me distracted from obsessing over my wedding

I might have read a whole book laying by the pool at Saturday

I might be exhausted and I might be heading to bed now



Our wedding bands

So after much discussion I decided to go with a plain white gold band. I LOVE the eternity band but I decided that for right now the plain band works and then down the road I can get an eternity band, plus it gives me something to look forward to :)

I choose a 3mm white gold comfort fit milgrain band. The milgrain around the edges gives it a little something extra which I love.

Here is a picture:

K liked mine so much that he decided to get the same one, for men obviously. His is a 4mm white gold comfort fit milgrain band.

Here is a picture:

So yes we totally have matching wedding bands and totally not on purpose plus I kind of think it's cute because we're totally not the matching type.
We also got them cheap, cheap, cheap which just means more money to spend in Aruba or maybe on a new bed or bedroom set !!




Did I ever tell you ladies where I was going for my honeymoon??? To be honest all my thoughts are running into one right now so I can't remember what I've posted about or not. I am completely drained from the final wedding preparations mostly because I'm a HUGE procrastinator so I keep focusing on the part where I can to relax and demand a cabana boy to bring me another strawberry daiquiri!

We're going to Aruba!!!

We initially planned to wait until after Christmas because we wanted to go to St. Maarten/St. Barts and we're in the midst of hurricane season and we didn't want to risk a ruined honeymoon but after some long talks we came to conclusion that if we didn't go right after we got married we may never end up going because life always gets in the way and you can always find some excuse not to go.

So about a month ago we booked our honeymoon to Aruba. After some research I found out that Aruba is below the hurricane belt and has a very slight risk of getting hit. We leave Sunday 8/30 at 3:30pm and return Sunday 9/7 leaving us Labor Day off to rest and recover!

We couldn't agree on all-inclusive vs. not all-inclusive so we're spending the first 4 nights at the RIU Palace (all-inclusive) and the Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino. I am soo excited and from the pictures it looks beautiful! We read great reviews on both resorts and got some great summer deals because it's technically off season! We've heard that Aruba has tons of delicious restaurants and friends have made suggestions but if anyone has any other must eat/do/see let me know. Now I'll leave you with some pics to enjoy:

RIU Palace

Marriott Resort and Stellaris Casino

Only 23 days until I'm married

Only 24 days until I'm in Aruba
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